Protecting a House With Exterior Waterproofing

11 September 2020
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With so many things that can go wrong with a house, it isn't surprising that sometimes homeowners accidentally neglect certain aspects of it. The neglect does not necessarily happen intentionally, but from not paying attention to uncommon problems due to focusing on the ones that are more common and easily noticeable. For example, water damage due to a bad roof might be easier to notice than water damage in a basement that is rarely used by the household. Read More 

Say No to New: Why You Should Choose Reclaimed Wood for Your Home

24 July 2020
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Building a custom home is a great way to get what you want out of the designs. It's also a great way to choose your own materials. When you buy a tract home, you end up with the contractor's version of what a home should look like and what materials should be used. But, that's not the way it is when you design a custom home. While you're choosing the materials for your new home, don't forget about reclaimed wood. Read More 

Important Things To Think About During A Hospital Construction Project

29 May 2020
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If you are preparing to work on a hospital construction project, you might be incredibly excited about the project that you have in mind. However, you might also be overwhelmed. Some people find themselves feeling pretty overwhelmed during the building projects for building small homes and simple structures. When you are building something as big and important as a hospital, it can definitely be overwhelming. If you break things down and come up with a priority list of things to pay the most attention to, you can help ensure that your hospital building construction project goes as smoothly and well as possible, and you can prevent yourself from becoming too overwhelmed along the way. Read More 

6 Ways To Do A Bathroom Remodel Without Breaking The Bank

9 April 2020
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While it's fun to think about the bathroom remodel you'd do if you had unlimited money, there's also a lot to be said for getting practical about the process and being realistic about the costs. Follow these 6 suggestions to make the most of your bathroom remodeling budget. Go Easy on the Tile A bathroom doesn't have to have more tile than a subway station. You can limit costs by focusing on only using tile in areas where it provides real protection, such as the floor and the shower. Read More 

Transform Your Business With A New Fence Installation

21 February 2020
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If you're on the fence about getting a new fence, you should begin to consider the benefits it will have for your business. For example, curb appeal is just as critical for commercial businesses as it is for residential areas, so you will need to make upgrades like these from time to time simply to make your property look exquisite. Further, when you invest in a commercial fence, you are also protecting your property's safety and security, so you should move forward keeping these sorts of benefits in mind. Read More