3 Excellent Reasons To Install Impact Doors On Your Home

9 December 2016
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Impact doors are doors that are created from two layers of glass with an interlayer inside of them. This glass is incredibly strong and is going to provide a great structure for the door. This glass is then going to be encompassed in a wood or aluminum frame that is also going to be structurally sound and secure. If you are looking for secure doors to install on your home, then these doors may be the way to go. Read More 

Asphalt and the Experimental/Thrust Theater: What You Need to Know

18 November 2016
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Experimental and thrust theaters both involve an audience that surrounds three sides of the stage. As such, the stage itself can either be the hard cement floor, or the platform built on top of it. To help maintain a level floor, the cement is often paved with asphalt, a tricky thing if the theater is indoors. If your company's own thrust or experimental theater flooring is in need of paving, here is what you need to know and do. Read More 

4 Reasons For An Air Conditioner To Not Get Cold

20 September 2016
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Does your central air conditioning system not get as cold as you would like for it to? If you are considering replacing your air conditioner with something more efficient, there may be a few things that can be done to your current system first. Below, you will learn about areas of a central air conditioner that can interfere with the extent of coldness when they are in bad shape. 1. Coolant Levels Read More 

Hair: One Of Your Toilet Bowl’s Worst Enemies

29 August 2016
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If you hear strange gurgling noises coming from your toilet, your hair could be the cause. So the next time you clean a hairbrush or comb and go to flush the hair down your toilet, STOP. Even wet hair forms a ball that can clog your toilet plumbing or sewer line, resulting in an emergency call to your plumber. Therefore, it helps to know what woes you may face before that clump of hair leaves your hand. Read More 

Thinking Inside The Box—6 Tips For Making Your Bathroom Look Bigger

9 August 2016
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When planning an update to an older bathroom, not every homeowner has a large budget or room to expand the space. If you have to work within the confines of what you have available in a small bathroom, you can still create a beautiful and deceptively large room by employing a few tricks. No matter what your budget is, there is a way that's right for you. Here are 6 visual and space-saving tricks for any tiny bathroom. Read More