Refuting Three Basement Waterproofing Myths

10 January 2020
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A basement can be an area of the home that is far more vulnerable than homeowners may anticipate. In particular, the threat of water damage is something that will always need to be addressed, as this area of the home will be at a major risk of suffering this type of damage. Myth: It Is Harmless For A Basement To Be Damp A common assumption that can be made when it comes to a home's basement will be that it is normal for it to be damp. Read More 

Ready For Winter? Tips To Protect Your Propane Supply

3 December 2019
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If your home is heated by propane, and you've got a big storm rolling into town, it's time to get prepared. Snowstorms can cause serious problems for you and your propane tank. Before the next storm arrives, here are some tips that will help you protect your propane supply.  Make Your Tank More Visible If you've got a propane tank in your yard, the first thing you need to do is make it more visible. Read More 

2 Water Changes Indicating A Problem With Your Well’s Submersible Pump

28 October 2019
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If you live in an area that requires that you have a deep well for your water, the well most likely has a submersible pump to deliver water to your house. However, since it can be difficult to determine if there is a problem with the pump because of the depth, you may wonder how you will be able to tell if the pump is going bad. One way to tell if the pump is failing is by looking for the following changes to your home's water. Read More 

Basement Moisture—Something You Should Not Ignore

23 September 2019
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Owning a home can be a real headache—it's not always easy keeping up with all of the maintenance work that needs to be done each year, especially when it seems like the house is working so hard against your efforts to keep up. Well, if you're dealing with a damp basement, there are a few things that you can look into to determine if there's a quick fix to the issue. Read More 

Three Areas For Home Builders And Contractors To Pay Attention To For A Healthy Home

7 August 2019
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Everyone knows the importance of going green. The importance of recycling to preserve our natural resources, as well as reduce pollution, is something important to people everywhere. Both home builders and contractors have integrated these concepts into their construction. However, the concept of a healthy home is gaining traction among consumers, and this is something that needs to be integrated into your business strategy. It is a new concept that will affect your company now and in the future. Read More