About Residential Electricians And Your Home

3 November 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Residential electricians are there to help you with any kind of electrical issue or concern you might have. In some cases, an electrician will get called to take care of an electrical emergency. They can also come out to do an inspection and make sure there aren't any issues going on with the electrical system in the home. They can also come out to install the electrical in a new construction home or to upgrade the system in an older home. Here is some information on times when you want to have an electrician come out for problems in your home, as well as information on when you may need an electrical upgrade: 

Problems in the home that warrant a visit from an electrician

Someone gets shocked - If someone is in your house and they get an electrical shock from something like an outlet or a switch, then this indicates a situation you want to have an electrician take a look at. Even a very mild shock coming from these types of areas means that there is a problem a professional should be looking into. 

The lights flicker - Lights can flicker during a storm and you may be able to brush the flickering off as power interference from the storm and this is likely the case if it doesn't happen any other time. However, if you notice that your lights flicker at other times, such as when an appliance or your HVAC system starts up, then you want an electrician to come out and investigate. Flickering lights can indicate the need for a larger line. 

The electrical panel has rust - If you notice there is rust on the electrical panel then you need to have an electrician come out. The rust indicates that moisture has come into contact with the panel and this can create a dangerous situation. Plus, rust is corrosive. 

Things that can indicate it is time for an electrical upgrade

You have an older home - If your home is around 25 or more years old and it's never had an upgrade to the electrical system, then you should have this done. Households use a lot more electric devices now than they did years ago and this means they need electrical systems that can keep up with the demand. 

The system gets blown fuses - If you deal with regularly blown fuses in your home it's because the system isn't able to keep up with the demand being put on it, so you need an electrician to upgrade the system for you.