6 Ways To Do A Bathroom Remodel Without Breaking The Bank

9 April 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

While it's fun to think about the bathroom remodel you'd do if you had unlimited money, there's also a lot to be said for getting practical about the process and being realistic about the costs. Follow these 6 suggestions to make the most of your bathroom remodeling budget.

Go Easy on the Tile

A bathroom doesn't have to have more tile than a subway station. You can limit costs by focusing on only using tile in areas where it provides real protection, such as the floor and the shower.

Look at Long-Term Costs

There are plenty of ways an older bathroom can be energy-inefficient. You may be better off spending a little money today to upgrade the faucets with aeration systems that will reduce the long-run expenses from your water bills. Similar solutions include installing a low-flow toilet, efficient showerheads, and LED light fixtures.

You might even want to replace the windows with more energy-efficient models to reduce heating and cooling bills. Adding a mirror near the window to reflect natural light into the bathroom can help, too.

Replace Small Fixtures

The little, practical features in a bathroom can be major difference-makers. For example, putting in a better towel rack is an inexpensive way to get more utility out of a bathroom remodel. Soap dispensers, storage shelves, and vanity mirrors are all great additions that won't break the bank.

Buy Used and Upcycled Items

Don't be afraid to look at the market for previously owned items. A well-loved cast-iron tub, for example, can add immense character while also being cheaper than a new model. With the right collection of fixtures, it's also a way to give a bathroom remodeling project some retro chic.

More Redo and Less Remodel

A lot of problems in a bathroom can be addressed by redoing things. For example, redoing the grout can make a gigantic visual difference for a low price. There are also plenty of ways to refinish existing enamel, cast-iron, and porcelain fixtures. Even a simple coat of fresh paint can go a long way toward making a bathroom remodel a success.

Don't Turn It into a Plumbing Project

Nothing will drive up the cost of a bathroom remodeling effort more than requiring new plumbing. Unless there's a compelling reason to do so, don't move fixtures that require plumbing, such as the toilet, sink, tub, and shower, to spots where new pipes will have to be installed and old ones removed.

For more information about bathroom remodels, speak with a professional today.