Basement Moisture—Something You Should Not Ignore

23 September 2019
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Owning a home can be a real headache—it's not always easy keeping up with all of the maintenance work that needs to be done each year, especially when it seems like the house is working so hard against your efforts to keep up. Well, if you're dealing with a damp basement, there are a few things that you can look into to determine if there's a quick fix to the issue.

Go Outside and Look Up

It might seem odd, but the first place to look for a cause is the gutter system hanging high above your head. This gutter system is there to carry the water away from your house. When the gutters become damaged, the water no longer runs through the system and away from the house—it overflows or drips down to the ground below where it runs directly into the foundation—this results in puddling after it rains.

The next time it rains, grab an umbrella and go out and watch how well the gutters are working. If you notice anywhere that the water is running out of the gutter to the ground below, you know that there's an issue right there. After its done raining, get your ladder, climb up, and check the gutter. It could be a simple fix, like removing built-up debris to get everything cleared up and working properly.

Consider Basement Waterproofing                                                  

Once you've noticed moisture becoming a problem in your basement, it's imperative that you find out why. If your gutters were clear, the problem lies somewhere else. Chances are, you won't be able to find the cause without seeking the help of a trained waterproofing technician.

They are trained to observe the areas that could be causing problems and come up with effective treatments to stop the moisture from continuing to be a problem. Without their expertise, you could end up battling this moisture problem for years. Why not put a stop to it now before the damage extends beyond a few puddles in the basement after it rains? The last thing you want to do is a complete mold removal job in your basement.

This really isn't something to mess around with. If you have basement water issues, it will not fix itself—it will continue to worsen and cause greater problems than you might be prepared to deal with. Do yourself, and your home a favor—pay attention to this warning sign and hire services like Sposato Masonry to resolve it before it's too late.