Three Areas For Home Builders And Contractors To Pay Attention To For A Healthy Home

7 August 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Everyone knows the importance of going green. The importance of recycling to preserve our natural resources, as well as reduce pollution, is something important to people everywhere. Both home builders and contractors have integrated these concepts into their construction. However, the concept of a healthy home is gaining traction among consumers, and this is something that needs to be integrated into your business strategy. It is a new concept that will affect your company now and in the future. The following are a few areas that you need to pay attention to.

Materials used for floors and walls

There are materials that seem safe to use, but over time, they begin to release chemicals into the home environment. These materials are referred to as volatile organic compounds or VOC. Sometimes these materials can be contained in the drywall or the tiles used on a kitchen floor, but there are also glues, resins, and epoxies that can be a problem. One good example of this is with the use of formaldehyde contained in some building materials. This problem was solved by using acrylic as a substitute. Avoiding the use of volatile compounds will make your end product healthier. In addition, there are now materials that have been developed that can remove certain toxins in the air and make them inert.

Air filtering and ventilation

Whether it is a new heating and air conditioning system for a new home or a new system that is installed in an older home, it is important to choose one that has a high quality air filtering system. Air quality in the home is easily influenced by the quality of the filtering system, and the air duct system should be one that is simple to clean. Also, the ventilation system should be designed so that fresh air can get in and circulate without using the air conditioning system.


Although direct sun exposure can be unhealthy to the skin, indirect sunlight is necessary for good health. More people work at home today than ever before, so new home architecture should include a design for allowing indirect sunlight into the home. And because sunlight in the home reduces the need for heating in the colder months, it is also a green concept.

Although consumers are only now becoming aware of the issue of a healthy home and how it relates to materials used in construction, as their numbers grow, you don't want to be caught behind the demand curve. Savvy home builders are beginning to incorporate the healthy home concept into their designs, and it will pay for you to do the same and become healthy home builders. Contractors should also be aware of the latest developments of the materials used for remodeling and home additions.