Tired Of Windows That Break Easily? There Is A Solution!

28 June 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

What is one thing kids and burglars have in common? Answer: They are both tough on windows! Whether your windows have been smashed by kids throwing or hitting them, or by burglars that have intentionally smashed windows to get into your home, you have had your fair share of broken windows. Why could you not have windows that refuse to break, refuse to shatter, and are impact resistant? Actually, you can. They are referred to as impact windows in most home remodeling stores. Here is how to get them.

Hire a Window Contractor

There are contractors out there who do just doors and windows. You can also hire a general construction contractor if you purchase the impact windows yourself and you just need someone to install the windows correctly. If you opt for the former, be sure to ask the contractor specifically for impact resistant windows. He or she will need to find these windows at a store and order/purchase them in the sizes needed for your home. You can choose to do just the first floor windows, or (if you have a second or subsequent stories) replace all of your current windows with impact and shatter-resistant windows. Then it does not matter how hard and fast a baseball hits a window, or how much force is applied to break into your home through a window; the windows will stop all of it.

Replace Some or All of Your Current Windows

The contractor will call to make an appointment with you to replace the windows you want replaced. This typically occurs when he/she has acquired and picked up all the windows you requested, but it may occur in two separate stages if one or two windows have to be manufactured special or do not come in with the rest of the windows in the shipment. Replacing a single window usually takes about thirty to forty-five minutes; sometimes slightly longer. Multiply that out times the number of windows you are replacing and then you will know how long it will take the contractor's crew to install these new unbreakable windows. 

Additional Benefits

These windows can take a hit from flying baseballs, baseball bats, birds, and even tree limbs. They are more commonly sold in states where there are tornadoes or hurricanes because they protect your home against these disasters. It takes so much force or impact to break them that any intentional smashing would be noticed before the window ever breaks.