Signs It May Be Time To Schedule Repairs For Your Furnace

24 May 2019
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Problems with your furnace can start out small, making the signs easy to miss. However, making repairs early is important because they keep more severe damage from being done, and repairs save you from wasting money on heating bills. Here are some signs that might indicate it's time to call a repair service to look at your furnace.

Your Furnace Seems To Run All The Time

If your furnace has to run 24 hours a day to keep your home warm, you could have a shockingly high power bill to pay. Even worse, the excess wear and tear can take a toll on your furnace. A few things can cause a furnace to run all the time. The problem might be a hole in the ducts that's allowing warm air to leak out in the attic. When your furnace runs all the time, take note if your home is warm or if it is still chilly even with the furnace running. This might help you narrow down the problem.

Also, note if the furnace runs continuously or if it stops and then starts right back up. A furnace that stops and starts frequently could be a sign that the furnace is overheating. Your furnace might stop working completely when it overheats. If your furnace is running more than it normally does, then schedule a service call to find out if parts are bad or if the blower is dirty and causing the furnace to overheat. By having repairs done in a timely manner, you can prevent a complete breakdown that leaves you in the cold.

You Hear Weird Noises Or Detect Unusual Odors

Odd noises could be from a worn belt, bad bearings, or loose parts. You might hear a scraping sound, thumps, or squeals. New sounds should be diagnosed. It could be something as simple as a loose screw that allows metal to rattle, but the sounds could also be a warning that the blower is in bad shape and might fail soon. Odors are also a cause for concern because they might be caused by a gas leak or by hot electrical components. If your furnace doesn't smell right, then it's best to let a professional take a look so that your home is protected from fire danger.

Little Or No Airflow

More obvious signs that your furnace is having problems is when there is no airflow or the airflow is much weaker than usual. You might even have a problem where the air coming out of the registers is barely warm. Sometimes, problems with airflow can be traced back to a clogged filter or a dirty furnace. Other times, the air handler may have problems, such as a bad blower or an electrical malfunction. Furnace repairs may be necessary to restore full function and get your home warm again.

You may need more frequent heating repairs as your furnace ages, but you can often prevent the need for repairs by having preventative maintenance done before winter sets in and by keeping the filter changed on schedule. When you notice your furnace acting in a different way than usual, it's often best to schedule a service call from a heating repair professional like those at McGuire Plumbing & Heating Inc. rather than risk more expensive damage being done to the furnace.