3 Things You Can Do To Give Your Metal Door A Makeover

3 April 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Though a metal door is a secure, aesthetically pleasing way to secure your home, over time, it can start to show its age. The surface might be marred with dents and dings, or the hardware might start to stick. Instead of replacing it with a new door, you can update your existing door's appearance. Here are a few ideas to give your metal door the makeover it deserves.

1. Repair Surface Damage

It's a fairly simple process to repair the damage to your metal door's surface. If you're not up to the task, you can hire a contractor to fix the dents and dings. 

You'll start by sanding the damaged areas of your door. Sand the damaged regions with sandpaper or a sanding blocks to remove all the paint or rust from the marred areas; make sure to sand them until they're completely smooth. Then, fill in the damaged areas with filler putty.

Once the filler putty dries, sand the repaired areas until they are smooth. After cleaning the dust, you can touch up the paint in and around the damaged areas. Or, if you want a completely new look for your door, you can take steps to sand, prime, and paint the entire door.

2. Replace Your Hardware

If you have to jiggle your doorknob to get it to unlocked or throw your weight against the door to get it to latch properly, new hardware can solve all these issues. You can hire a locksmith or contractor to replace these items, or you can attempt a DIY project.

Some items that you might want to replace include your doorknob, door knocker, kick plate, and door hinges. Not only will new hardware improve the functionality of your door, but they can enhance the appearance, giving it an updated look.

Another option is to paint your existing hardware, but this won't help with any functionality issues that you're experiencing.

3. Upgrade Your Door's Lock

You may want your door to be more convenient to use. For example, you might want the ability to unlock your door by inputting a code or using your fingerprint. Or, you may want to have the option to remotely unlock the door from your smartphone if you need to grant access to your property.

Upgrading your door's lock gives you the ability to complete all of these tasks and more. You can even schedule the door to lock and unlock based on a schedule; it's also easy to revoke access privileges if you part ways with a home worker. 

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