Considering Hydronic Heating? Know the Following Benefits

19 February 2019
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Every type of heating system has its own advantages when it comes to keeping you comfortable during the winter. One of the alternative systems that some homeowners use is hydronic heat, which is the process of heating your home with hot water. It's very different from the forced air systems that most homeowners are familiar with, but it can help provide distinct advantages that help it stand out from traditional systems.

Better Air Quality

Hydronic heat works by having the heat radiate up from the floor rather than forced through a vent. You end up feeling the heat without having a fan blow the air onto you. As a result, you do not have air that is constantly moving, which can improve the overall air quality. You do not have dust, allergens, and pet dander being recycled through a forced air system, which keeps the air clean. If anyone in your home has allergies or a respiratory problem, they may have fewer issues with a hydronic heating system.

Quiet Operation

You'll never be able to tell that a hydronic heating system is running in your home. There is not a whirl of air being pushed through ductwork or coming out of a vent, or a rumble of a furnace that is heating the air. It results in a completely quiet operation that you won't hear in your home. It can be great if you like a room to be quiet when you are sleeping or don't want a loud mechanical room competing with your TV for noise.

Improved Comfort

Hydronic heat can be more comfortable in a few ways. The first is in terms of even heating, since water pipes are evenly distributed under the floor to provide warmth in every spot of a room. If you have a desk where your feet tend to get cold due to a lack of airflow, hydronic heat will even heat that area of the room. Hydronic heat is also comfortable due to not having heat blow on you in a room. You won't feel too hot due to being located near a vent, or too cold because you are far away from one. The heat also radiates up from the floor, which will keep the bottom half of your body warmer than the top half, since heat rises up from the ground. You won't be wasting energy heating the top of the room, where you are not occupying the space.

Call an HVAC maintenance professional to ask them if hydronic heating would be right for you and your home.