Which Window Options Provide The Most Security?

2 January 2019
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There is nothing burglars love more than unsecured windows. They are one of the easiest points of access by burglars; all they have to do is break the glass. The safety of your home window starts by choosing the right window style and material. But, when you are considering residential window replacement, you might ask yourself what the best window style is for your home. How can you ensure the windows will actually provide security? Here are the best two options to consider.

Casement Windows

It is important to note that not every window will provide the same degree of security to your home. But, casement windows are some of the most secure windows that you can install in your home. You can only open these windows via a hand-operated handle, and this happens from the inside of your home. As a result, it is not easy to break into casement windows. However, you should understand that the hinges and cranks of the casement windows are mostly affected by rust if you fail to manage them properly. This, in turn, can compromise the security of the window.

Therefore, this calls for proper installation. If the window does not close and open smoothly, then there is a possibility that the window's security is compromised. Whenever you notice that problem, you can decide to install sliding chain locks on the window, or even replace the entire window frame.

However, casement windows are not suitable for every setting. For instance, homes that join other buildings, or that have dense exterior foliage, are not ideal for casement windows since there is not enough space to allow the windows to open correctly.

Impact-Resistant Windows

Impact-resistant windows make it much harder for a burglar to gain access to your home through any visible window. They won't be able to conveniently break through the glass; it's designed specifically to withstand forceful impact. Impact-resistant windows have glass that's reinforced by a strengthening glaze, plus a strong metal frame to fortify the glass.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows function by sliding horizontally to open. This makes it hard to open these windows from the exterior. Their cam action locks makes the sliding windows immobile, and this means that not even a burglar can slide the window open from the outside. You can choose to install horizontal security bars to add extra protection to your sliding windows.

There are some cases where seasoned thieves have been able to open the sliding windows from outside, even when they are locked. However, you can drill sheet metal screws into the upper section of the sliding window's metal track to prevent this from happening. However, you need to make sure that the metal screws don't cause obstruction to the window's sliding path.

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