The Beauty Of Clay Roofs

25 January 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Roof remodels are extremely cost-effective. Of course, they are also very expensive, but there aren't many home upgrades that are going to have such a drastic impact on the style, usability, and valuation of your property. The roof is perhaps the most defining factor when it comes to your exterior style. So, by installing a different roof material, you are going to completely redefine the way that your home looks. This article explains why homeowners will love the style and price of clay roofs.

What Are Clay Roofs?

There are many different terms and names associated with clay roofing products. Terra-cotta is a clay product. Also, Spanish and Italian style roofing materials are also usually made out of clay. However, clay is actually a very diverse product. While some people mostly associate it with the iconic Spanish style roofing that is so popular all over the world, there are many different colors and finishes that clay comes in.

Additionally, clay can't be painted, glazed, and easily shaped. Perhaps the best thing about clay roofing tiles is that they usually have a shape. That is, they aren't just flat tiles are shingles. Rounded tiles, when installed, create stylish patterns on your roof. They also create natural channels where the water can flow more freely. Basically, clay is a diverse product that can look good on just about any homes that. Clay roofs can look natural on a mid-century modern home, or a rustic farmhouse.

Drawbacks to Clay

Perhaps the biggest drawback to clay is that it is slightly brittle. This means that you don't want to walk on it, especially if you have rounded tiles. However, most people don't even ever walk on the roof, so this is not an issue. Another drawback to clay roofs is that they aren't the most insulating. That is, clay is not the best natural insulator, this is why it is mainly used in moderate climates. That being said, since it is extremely affordable, you can use the money you save on the actual clay tiles to add extra insulation to your roof deck. So, it is very common to see clay tiles, even in extremely cold climates. You can add insulation to your roof deck, and install clay over it for less than the cost of other, more insulating natural stone tiles.

In the end, it is easy to understand why clay has long been used as a roofing product. To learn more, contact a roofing services company near you.