Caught A Predatory Wolf? Why You Will Need Stud Welding Equipment To Hold Him

8 August 2017
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Catching a wolf is not an easy task. How do you contain the strength of a wolf? Well, if the movies and TV would have you believe, it is with chains. There is a better way. Stud welding can definitely help contain a wolf. Here is the how and why of such a unique opportunity:

Stud Welding Fuses Metal to Metal to Create a Stronger Bond

Stud welding takes large stud bolts and welds them into and through other metal objects. It creates a fused bond between the bolts and the metal objects or beams such that it is impossible to break. If you bolted manacles or chains to a steel beam, there is no way a wolf could break free of that.

The Steel Room Exemplifies the Unique Ability of Stud Welding

If you wanted to hold a wolf indefinitely, or just long enough for the wildlife game and preserve department to get to you, then you may need stud welding to build a steel room. Because you will need to build the room with very thick walls, a thick portal/door, and a very thick ceiling, only stud welding can bolt the sections to each other. There is nothing else that can drive bolts through six-to-twelve inch-thick steel walls and manage to hold quite like stud welding can. In fact, it would be nearly impossible to create such a steel holding room without stud welding.

Stud Welding Can Help Electroplate Things with Silver

If the stories about wolves and their cunning and strength are true, then stud welding can help with this, too. The electrical charges created by the arc stud welding equipment can melt and fuse silver to other metals, such as steel chains and walls made of steel. If you can find and purchase that much silver, you could electroplate your wolf's steel room with your stud welding equipment. Titanium might be another useful metal for reinforcing the walls of the room.

Stud Welding Can Help Repair Damage Too

So, if you build a steel room that is electroplated with silver, it will be very difficult for your wolf to escape. That is not saying the beast will not try. If he is a big beast and manages to do some damage to the room, your stud welding equipment can do the repair work, too.

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