Finding the Source of a Leak Within Your Asphalt Shingled Rooftop

15 February 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you have been noticing areas inside of your home where water is dripping from the ceiling or along walls, you are most likely concerned about its presence and want to have it stopped immediately. It will be necessary for you to evaluate the condition of your roof to determine if it is the cause of this occurrence. Here are some tips you can use when trying to track down the area on your rooftop where repair will be needed to stop a leak for good.

Take a Look at Your Gutter System

If leaking is present along an interior wall of your home, it may be caused by the failure to clean out your gutter system. If gutters are not maintained, water will not be directed away from your home, possibly pushing its way underneath the lowest level of shingles. Cleaning out your gutters will divert the water in the appropriate direction, keeping water from getting into your home.

Note the Condition of Materials

If you have older shingles on your home, or if a few had sustained damage, it will be necessary to replace them to get leaking to stop. Get up on your rooftop and do a complete evaluation of the condition of each shingle. Any shingles that have rips, tears, crumbling portions, or holes within them will need to be removed and new ones will need to be nailed in their place.

After checking the shingles, look at any flashing used around protrusions in your rooftop. Rusted flashing will need to be replaced with rigid pieces and affixed with caulk. Crumbling caulk around vents, chimneys, or skylights can be scraped away with a putty knife and new caulk can be applied.

Check for Telltale Signs of Leaking

If you checked the materials and cannot find a problem, investigating further will be necessary. Get in your attic and take a look at the ceiling to see if there are dark areas present. This will give you an indication of what portion of the roof on the opposite side to look at in more detail. Another method in finding the leak site is by running a garden hose over a portion of the roof for several minutes. If water does not enter the home, move the hose. When water is noticed, you are close to the area where repair work will be needed.

Consider Calling for Assistance

If you do not feel comfortable getting up on your roof on your own, calling a roofing contractor is best. They will be able to come to your home with the right tools to find the source of the leak and will be able to make any repairs necessary at this time. This will also keep you safe from obtaining an injury.