4 Reasons For An Air Conditioner To Not Get Cold

20 September 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Does your central air conditioning system not get as cold as you would like for it to? If you are considering replacing your air conditioner with something more efficient, there may be a few things that can be done to your current system first. Below, you will learn about areas of a central air conditioner that can interfere with the extent of coldness when they are in bad shape.

1. Coolant Levels

If you have never hired a professional to put more coolant in your system, the lack of coolant is likely why the air isn't cool enough. There are two things that must be kept inside of an air conditioner for it to work, including water and Freon. There is no way for the system to produce cold air if it is lacking in one or both of the coolants. Basically, the system utilizes water and Freon to make the evaporator coil cool when they are mixed together. The coldness of the evaporator coil is vital for cooling down warm air.

2. The Condition of the Air Ducts

It is important for the air ducts to be in top shape if you want to experience the fullest extent of energy efficiency. For instance, as time passes by, the ducts can develop cracks and holes. The best way to find out if they are present is via an inspection by a professional, as accessing the ducts on your own will be complicated. The contractor might be able to patch up cracks and holes, but it will depend on how severe they are.

3. An Accumulation of Dirt

A central air conditioning system must be thoroughly cleaned every now and then in order to remain efficient. Dirt is bad for efficiency because it can block the level of air that is able to flow through the system. For instance, dirt can build up on the fan in the air handler and prevent it from fully spinning around. Too much dirt can also prevent the motor from being as powerful as needed to give power to the fan.

4. The Age of the Overall System

Sometimes there is nothing that can be done to make an air conditioner colder when it is worn out. Even if repairs could be made, the investment my not be worth it if too many problems are present. If you have an old system, it might be wise to just replace it. Ask a contractor like Aggressive Mechanical Contractors, Inc. to inspect your air conditioner so you can find out if getting a new one is the best thing to do.