3 Ways to Prevent Tile Flooring Damage When Moving Furniture

1 June 2016
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Moving can come with a number of tasks you'll need to take care of, ranging from packing boxes with plenty of padding inside to arranging the services of a moving company. While you can certainly move forward with doing most of these tasks without much attention to your home, it's still a good idea to look into how you can prevent damage to the tile flooring.

Instead of potentially damaging the tile floors due to moving heavy pieces of furniture, look into the following tips that can help make all the difference in caring for your flooring.

Have Someone Assist with Lifting Heavy Furniture

Whether you're moving an oversized sofa, an armoire, or a bedframe, you may struggle with lifting and moving it due to the sheer weight of it. Instead of struggling to move the furniture, hurting yourself, and potentially damaging the tile floors, look into getting help. Whether the hired moving company offers help for moving heavy furniture or you seek out the help of friends or family member, it is much safer to move any heavy items entirely on your own.

Place a Towel Under Furniture Before Sliding Anything

If you intend on sliding furniture across the flooring, you should make sure to include a towel underneath. Start out by lifting up the furniture each leg at a time and sliding in a towel before dropping it again to make it easy to slide the furniture across the slippery tile flooring. This will make moving furniture easy and will help you avoid damaging the tile floors by accident since you can easily slide furniture across the slippery tile floors.

Add Floor Protectors to Furniture Legs Afterwards

Another thing to look into if you want your tile flooring in your new home to stay in good condition is adding floor protectors to furniture legs. Not only are these leg protectors quite affordable, they are also easy to apply and can prevent scratches and chipping of your furniture that could occur by accident.

If you're concerned over what is involved in keeping your tile flooring in the best shape during a move, you need to look into what can be done to avoid damages. By knowing what's involved with moving heavy furniture safely and what can create scratches on tile, you can make sure that moving furniture won't cause damage. If you need more tips on taking care of your tiles, contact local contractors.