If You Are Going To Throw A Party This Summer, Don't Forget The Potty

12 April 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you are planning a party this summer, don't forget to consider your guests' access to a bathroom facility. Many may find that renting out a portable toilet is a practical alternative to having people traipse in and out of the home- particularly when hosting outdoor functions. Portable toilets and potties can be spruced up and cleverly camouflaged to become a stylish element of your event, and that will encourage guests to use them freely.

Some tips when planning, primping, and positioning your porta-potty are:

Make it easy to access, but away from the festivities. Position the potty close enough to the party to be convenient but not so close that it feels intrusive or invades your guests' privacy. Try placing it so the door actually faces away from the function, and be sure that there is easy-access with a ramp, a step, or even a concrete block for guests to enter and exit easily.

Create a path to the potty. Create a convenient path to the potty with concrete pavers or stepping stones, set deep enough in the ground so they don't pose a fall hazard. Another clever and inexpensive idea is to line the path with inexpensive solar stake lights, which will illuminate the area after dark.

Configure a space for make-up and hand-washing. One of the biggest issues with a portable toilet is space, as they are intended to fit in small or awkward spaces. Counter this by creating a small area that is for washing hands or applying makeup by adding a pergola or covered space outside the potty, but still away from the party, for guests to use. Be sure that it is well-lit and that you stock it well with handy wipes, hand sanitizer, towels, and tissues.

Supply guests with what they need. Add some class to your portable toilet with high-end supplies, soap, and towels for your guests' use. Invest in personal-sized hand sanitizer for guests to use and take to help prevent transmission of germs at your event. Provide guests with anything they might need, from toilet paper to tampons and soap to lotion, to make them feel welcome and taken care of.

Don't hesitate to provide guests with clean, convenient porta-potties at your next event, party, or function. These can be cleverly positioned and well-stocked to give guests a respectable retreat to use the bathroom, wash their hands, or check make-up. Talk with rental companies in your region about delivery, pick-up, and costs of renting your own portable toilet for your parties this summer. Visit http://septicandwater.com for more info.