Problems With Your Hardwood Floor? Try These 3 Hacks

17 October 2015
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Hardwood flooring is a great way to add elegance and warmth to your home, but the material can be problematic. You may have difficulties with loose boards that squeak when stepped on or problems getting the flooring completely clean. Try following these three hardwood flooring hacks to fix some common problems.

Stop Squeaks Using Baby Powder

A hardwood floor will squeak when the boards start coming loose, causing them to rub against each other. Thankfully, lubrication is all you need to prevent boards from rubbing.

Try using baby powder as an inexpensive solution to the problem. Start by identifying your squeaky floorboards by slowly walking on them. It helps to remove rugs that are overlaying areas you walk on and potentially muffling the sound. Sprinkle a fair amount of the baby powder right between the floorboards making noise, applying powder along the entire length of the crack. Sweep up all of the excess powder, and apply more if you hear the squeak return.

Cover Up Scratches Using Shoe Polish

A large scratch along your hardwood flooring will require a sander and buffer to remove it. Small scratches in dark colored flooring are much easier to deal with on your own using shoe polish.

It helps to have a polish color that closely matches the floor, but it doesn't need to be the exact color. You'll need to follow the directions on the package for painting over the small scratch mark in your floor just as if it was a shoe. Let it dry according to the directions before walking on the part of the floor again.

Repair Fresh Water Stains With A Cotton Cloth And An Iron

If you have a water stain that has been on your floor for a while, the stain will be a darker color that requires professional cleaning or sanding to remove. Fresh water stains are easier to clean since they are only on the top layer of varnish and have not reached the wood yet.

Place the cotton cloth on the stain, then turn your iron on and set it to a setting that is steam-free. Slowly move your iron over the cotton cloth. Take a peak under the cloth and look at the stain because it should start to disappear. Keep going until you notice the stain is gone. If the stain is not fading, it's because the water has reached the wood.

Is your problem too big for these hacks to handle? Contact a local hardwood floor finishing expert in your area about repairing it for you.