Is Your Yard Drowning Your Landscaping? Get Rid of Some of That Water

15 September 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If your yard is full of standing water each time it rains, it can cause problems with your landscaping. For example, the excess water can drown your flowers and will eventually kill them due to the roots staying too wet. You are having this problem because the water in your yard is not draining properly. Below is an explanation of why this happens and some steps you can take to landscape your yard and avoid this problem.

What Is Happening

Before you learn how to fix the flooding in your yard, it can help to understand what is happening. Imagine a dry sponge sitting on your counter top. If you pour a little water onto the sponge, it will absorb the water immediately, and your countertop will not get wet. If you continue pouring water on the sponge, though, it will eventually become full of water and get your countertop wet.

This is the exact same thing that happens when it rains on dry soil. If continues raining, the water is pulled through the soil and deep down into the earth. If you live in an area with clay soil, it can block the water from soaking down into the deep earth, which results in a very wet yard. This is because clay soil is heavy and water cannot drain through it.

Because the water cannot get down into the soil it starts to run vertical and close to the surface, which is why your yard is constantly wet.

What You Can Do

The best way to take care of your flooding problem is to dig a drainage trench that will collect the water on the surface of the ground and move it to the lowest part of your yard, which is where it should go in the first place.

It is best to hire a contractor to dig the trench for you if you have a large yard; otherwise you would have to do it by hand. A contractor has special equipment that does the job much quicker. He or she will also know how deep and wide the trench should be, as well as where it should be located.

After the trench is dug, the contractor will compact the soil and then lay a few inches of gravel along the trench. He or she will lay a drain pipe over the gravel that has perforated holes, also known as a perforated drain pipe. When the contractor finishes installing the pipe, he or she will cover it with large round gravel until it is almost up to the surface of the soil.

To hide the trench, you can lay a piece of sod over it. You could also put colored stones over the gravel to make a walkway. To get started with this project, contact a service like Lancaster Trenching Inc.