Advice For Choosing The Right Fence For Your Needs

26 August 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

When it comes to fencing your property, you have so many choices available to you that it can be hard to decide. Just some of the examples of popular types of fences include wooden privacy fences, picket wooden fences, wrought iron fences, post and rail fences, wire fences, and chain link fences. The information below will help you determine which type suits your needs the best.

Wooden privacy fences: A wooden privacy fence is a good choice if you want to block those on the outside of the fence from seeing into your yard. Each piece of wood will fit right against the next piece, creating a solid fence. A tall wooden fence will offer you added security and keep dogs and many other types of pests from coming in your yard.  

Picket wooden fences: A picket wooden fence is a shorter style of fence with gaps between each piece of wood. The tops of each piece of wood and the posts can be customized to give you a certain look you are trying to achieve. This type of fence is mostly used as a decorative fence. While it may deter people from walking into your yard, it offers little protection and may not keep all neighborhood dogs from coming in.

Wrought iron fences: A wrought iron fence is more of a decorative fence and it offers some security but doesn't provide privacy. If the fence is tall, it makes it difficult for someone to get into your yard and will keep out most dogs. However, it can be seen through by those passing by your house. Some wrought iron fences can be extravagantly designed.

Post and rail fences: Post and rail fences can be used as decorative fencing or to keep larger animals penned, such as horses. These fences can be short or tall, having as few as two rails or potentially many. The rails can be close together or they can offer wide spaces.

Wire fences: Wire fences are made of thin wire that aren't as strong or long lasting as other types of fences. They are often used to keep in animals that don't require a strong fence, such as chickens, or to keep animals out of garden areas.

Chain link fences: A chain link fence is one of the more flexible types of fence. You can use a chain link fence around your property for security, to keep animals out, to provide safety for a pool area, to block off certain parts of your property, to make a dog run and even as a temporary fence. They can be installed to last you for many years or to provide you with temporary security, such as when you need to secure a work area.

Contact a fencing contractor like A & R Rent-A-Fence to learn more about fence options. When installing a fence, it's also smart to leave this to the professionals as the fence will be put up quickly and in a manner that helps ensure it will last you for as long as you need it to.