3 Reasons Why You Should Hydroseed

26 June 2015
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If you want to have grass planted, then you have a decision to make. You can choose from sod, grass seed, or hydroseeding. Hydroseeding involves spraying a combination of seed, mulch, and fertilizer on your yard via a spray tank. This mixture sticks right to your dirt, and will begin growing in. Hydroseeding is very convenient, and this article will discuss 3 reasons why you should hydroseed. 

Costs Less Than Sod

When it comes to planting grass or seed, things can get expensive quickly. Hydroseeding is a great option because it does a great job of growing in, and you won't have to pay as much as you would for sod. Sod can cost 3-5 times more than hydroseeding, so the cost can add up very quickly if you are wanting grass for a larger area. You will simply need to make sure that your soil underneath the hydroseed has been well prepared, so that the seeds have a nutrient rich foundation to grow in. Also, be sure to water your seeds multiple times daily, just as you would with regular grass seed. 

The Mulch Speeds Up The Growth Process

Since the mulch contains fiber, it does a great job of retaining water. This water that is retained around the seeds help them to grow at a faster rate, because they are getting more water than regular grass seed would. Generally, if the hydroseed is watered appropriately, the seeds will begin to sprout in about 1 week's time, and sometimes less. Then, at about 4–6 weeks, you will have enough grass that you will likely need to begin mowing. Once you begin mowing your grass, it will thicken even more, and you will have an area full of thick, healthy grass in no time at all. 

Seeding Is Quick

Hydroseeding is much faster than laying sod because you are simply spraying a seed mixture. When you put down sod you have to take the time to roll out each piece of sod and ensure that they all fit together perfectly. This is something that can take hours, and is likely a day long project. If you are hydroseeding, all you have to do is spray the entire area with the mulch mixture and you are done. 

So if you like the thought of saving money and time, and speeding up the growing process for your grass, hydroseeding is an excellent option for you. Contact Bark Blowers & Hydroseeding Inc for more information.