Practical Landscape Choices For Pool Owners

16 June 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Landscaping in the area around a pool is different from landscaping in other areas of the yard, because pool user safety and pool maintenance are important issues that affect plant placement and type. Even choosing the right mulch can affect pool functionality over time. These tips will help you make the right landscaping choices for the area around your backyard in-ground pool.   

Use Heavy-Weight Mulch

Lightweight bark mulch and saw dust mulches can blow into the pool and clog the plumbing or filters. When mulching in the area around a pool, use heavy-weight rock mulch. For a striking visual effect, choose rocks that stand in contrast to the paved area around the pool. For example, dark colored rocks will contrast nicely with light colored concrete. If you used paving stones around the pool, choose a rock color that is significantly different from  the color of the paving stones. 

Avoid Path Encroachment

For safety reasons, people should be able to pass by one another safely in the pool area. Plants that encroach upon the path around the pool may create crowding conditions, and could ultimately lead to accidents. Keep plants set safely away from the pavement around the pool. Avoid using vining or fast-growing plants that could create a safety hazard for pool users. 

Plant Perennials

Annuals create a lot of organic waste because they die and must be removed at the end of every growing season. Perennials create less organic waste that could end up inside your pool. When choosing flowers, plants or shrubs for the area around the pool, focus on perennials to reduce your pool and landscaping maintenance obligations.

Focus on Evergreens

Evergreens are shrubs and trees that retain their leaves or needles throughout the year. This can lead to less waste around the pool area. When choosing plants or trees for your back yard, look for slow growing evergreens that produce little organic waste and require little pruning over time. 

Avoid Thorny Plants

Thorny plants and shrubs can be a safety hazard around the pool. To avoid accidents, keep the cactus garden, holly and other thorny plants well away from the pool area. Any thorny plants in the area close to the pool must be kept well pruned and should be surrounded by non-thorny plants. 

The landscaping choices you make for the area around your pool will affect its functionality and usability. For more tips and expert advice, contact a residential landscape design specialist in your area, like those at The Hilltop Landscape Architects & Contractors.