Gun Safes: Three Responsible Reasons To Invest

3 June 2015
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A safe can protect more than just your cash and jewelry. Responsible gun enthusiasts, or those who are required to carry and use weapons as a part of their jobs, often use gun safes to secure both handguns and rifles at home. If you have guns or other weapons in your home, there are three important reasons you should invest in a gun safe:

To Keep Your Family Safe

Even one child lost to a tragic handgun accident is one too many. Sadly, this occurs in more homes across the nation every year than most people realize. Children are curious by nature, and having loaded guns hanging on a wall, displayed in an unlocked cabinet, or hidden under the bed is a time bomb that could be ticking away precious hours of your child's life.

And it's not only loaded guns that pose a threat -- unloaded guns that are stored with their ammunition are also a hazard. Be a responsible gun owner and use a gun safe to secure your collection, especially if small children frequent your home. 

To Keep Your Guns in Pristine Condition

When you house rifles and pistols in the secure environment of a gun safe, it helps prolong their pristine appearance. A properly designed safe protects guns from moisture, scratches, dents and more. Placing your cleaned and oiled rifles carefully back into a safe after a day of shooting is much easier on them then sliding them under a bed to gather dust or hanging them on a rack, exposed to changes in room temperature. 

To Protect Your Collection From Theft

Next to child safety, protecting your gun collection from theft is probably the biggest reason homeowners invest in gun safes. If your guns fall into the wrong hands because you stored them unsecured and in plain view inside your home, you'll feel a share of the blame if they're then used to commit a crime.

The laws of your state might not hold you accountable for crimes committed with a stolen firearm, but you'll always have that knowledge in the back of your mind -- it could have been prevented by locking your guns up securely. 

Gun safes come in all sizes -- to fit a single pistol or to house an entire roomful of firearms. There are even gun safes made for traveling with your firearm. Comparison shop before you buy to find the size that will best house your collection, and then sleep safer at night knowing that your hunting rifles and handguns will still be there in the morning.

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