Garage Door Feeling Under The Weather? 4 Remedies For Fast Relief

10 March 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Is your garage door feeling ill?  Perhaps it sounds a little squeakier than usual or maybe it has been struggling to close properly.  If your garage door isn't acting like its usual self, you'll want to get a diagnosis and find a remedy as soon as possible.  Here are a few reasons your garage door may be feeling under the weather.

It Has a Cold

If you walk into your garage and it seems extra cold, it may need new weatherstripping.  Along with regulating your garage's temperature, weatherstripping will also help keep bugs, dust, and debris out.  To install new weather stripping, you'll need to do the following:

  • First, remove any old stripping with a flat bar and a hammer.  
  • Next, you should use a fine toothed hand saw to make sure the top weatherstripping piece, the header, has square ends.  Then, using roofing nails, attach the weatherstripping header to the garage door frame.  
  • After that, you'll want to cut the edges of the side weatherstripping pieces at a 45-degree angle.  Again, nail the weatherstripping to the garage door frame.  For a snug fit, you'll want to make sure the side strips overlap the header.

It Needs Lubrication

It's a bummer when you're trying to pull into your garage and the door stops halfway down the track.  If your garage door is sticking when it opens or closes, it probably needs to have its metal rollers or hinges lubricated.  To do this, you'll want to follow a few easy steps:

  • Spray garage door lubricant on both the wheels and along the tracks.
  • Open your garage door.  As the chain feeds through the motor, coat the surface with lubricant.  Make sure to keep your hands away from the chain.

It Needs an Adjustment

If your garage door track is misaligned or dented, it's not going to open smoothly.  If your tracks have small dents, you can use a hammer and a wood block to fix it.  Simply place the block over the damaged area, then strike the block with a hammer until the track is straight again.  Larger dents may mean you need to replace the entire track.  

Its System Needs an Upgrade

You may be really worried when your garage doesn't open at all.  However, if you're lucky, it may just be your garage door opener or the receiver.  If your remote isn't functioning properly, and you've already tried changing the batteries, you can take a few steps to remedy this problem:

  • Purchase a new garage door opener.  If you have an older model, you many need a universal remote.  
  • Another option is to put in a new receiver, otherwise known as the component that accepts the signal from your opener.  To do this you'll need to plug the new receiver into an outlet near the opener.  Then, make sure the receiver's two wires and the wall switch are connected to the same terminals.  

If your garage door isn't feeling better soon, you may need to seek professional garage door repair services like Allied Garage Door Inc.  After all, you want your garage door to look and feel its best.