3 Tips To Help Your Drains Stay Clean

23 January 2015
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Drains in the bathroom and kitchen can get clogged quickly if you do not take care to clean them often. To keep them clean, follow these 3 simple tips.

Vinegar Cleaning Solution for Bathrooms

First, you need to clean them with natural products that are not going to erode the metal pipes. Sometimes using harsh chemicals can wear on the pipes, and then the pipes can have bigger problems.

Instead, pour a small bottle of vinegar down each drain about once a month and let it sit for ten or fifteen minutes. After you do this, get a pipe cleaner and gently scrub inside the pipes to loosen any particles that are stuck to the sides.

Next, run water in the sink so that it can push the gunk down and out of the pipes. If you do this about once a month, you can avoid serious problems with your bathroom drains.

Eggshells and Lemon Juice for Kitchens

Next, you can use every day products to clean your kitchen drains. One of the best ways to clean a kitchen drain is by using eggs or egg shells after you crack some eggs into a bowl for cooking purposes.

When you turn on the disposal and push the eggshells down the drain, they will rub against the sides of the pipes and loosen particles that are stuck. Eggshells are rough and jagged, so they make a great abrasive to get the job done.

In addition to the eggshells, pour some lemon juice down the drain every couple of weeks to both sanitize and dissolve buildup. Your kitchen sink may contain more harmful and smelly bacteria than your bathroom sinks because food gets shoved into the kitchen sink on a regular basis.

The lemon juice will sanitize the drain, kill bacteria, and it will breakdown foods that are slowly built up.

Drain Cleaner

Lastly, consider using a good drain cleaner if your drains are really clogged. While using natural products is best, it is okay to use a more intense cleaner for those really bad clogs.

Typically, you want a cleaner that is thick and that is going to sit in the sink for up to thirty minutes. This will allow the cleaner to work slowly, which means that it will have time to dissolve the clog all the way around.

If you do the other two cleaning methods regularly, you should only need to use this last method sparingly. By cleaning your drain often, you can avoid major build up and burst pipes that could have been prevented.

For tougher clogs, contact professional plumbers, such as A Absolute Plumbing & Heating.