Top Reasons To Repair Your Damaged Glass

21 January 2015
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Is your car's windshield cracked? Does your glass door have an unsightly chip out of it? Here are some reasons why glass repair might be a better option for you than total replacement:

Affordable: Depending on the door or window with the damage, complete replacement could cost several hundred dollars. Although the size of the chip or crack will make a difference to the final price, glass repair from a place like K & W Glass Inc often costs only a fraction of what a replacement would be.

Fast: Small issues can be repaired in just a few minutes, while larger problems might take around an hour. In contrast, replacing a windshield or door could take several hours. If you are having a car windshield replaced, the glue or epoxy that holds the glass in place usually needs to cure for some time before you can safely drive around. With a glass repair, there is little to no wait time. As soon as the crack or chip has been verified as being filled, you'll be able to drive away.

Prevents further damage: If not taken care of quickly, a small crack in a glass pane can become a larger one before you know it. The stress on the weakened glass can cause typical web-like cracks to form, creating an even more unsightly issue. If left too long, repair will become impossible and you will have no choice but to have the whole thing replaced. Fortunately, glass repair will relieve the stress, stopping any further cracks from forming. 

Aesthetics: Is the damage to your business's glass door or windows? If so, customers will likely start taking notice of the damage. If it's not repaired quickly, customers may start to view your company or business as being low quality. They may start to wonder if your goods or services are worth the prices that you're charging them. By taking care of the matter quickly, you'll be able to stop these ideas before they even start. Having clean and well-kept premises can be key to building and keeping customer trust and loyalty.

No replacement available: If you have a vintage or antique item, it can be difficult or even impossible to find a matching replacement. Before setting off on a possibly fruitless search for a replacement, find out if any of your local glass repair companies will be able to simply fix the damage instead. Oftentimes, repairs will not only restore the beauty of a piece, but they will also partially or entirely restore the original value.