Deciding Whether To Get These Three Common Features Of Sliding Glass Doors

16 January 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Sliding glass doors are a great way to decrease the amount of effort required to walk into and around your business. Generally, they also look a lot more modern and professional than normal doors. But before you decide on what door model is right for your business, make sure that you're familiar with the pros and cons of some of these three common features of sliding glass doors.

Automatic Motor

Most sliding doors for commercial use come with an automatic motor that glides the door in order to promote ease of use. While some sliding doors operate on rails to maximize speed, others are suspended slightly above the ground to prevent dirt and debris on rail indentations from interfering with reliability.

The main disadvantage of a motor on a sliding door is that it's significantly more expensive both in terms of upfront cost and recurring maintenance. If the motor ever breaks down, waiting for a repairman to fix it can also be a huge hassle.

Metal Frame

Standard sliding glass doors come with relatively cheap plastic frames that won't stand up very well to rain and environmental hazards. If you opt for a door without a motor, increased bodily contact with customers and clients will also promote corrosion.

So depending on the circumstances of both your business and the exact area that you need a new door, getting a metal frame instead of a plastic one may be a good investment. For example, the more customer foot traffic you have on average during a typical business day, the more likely it is that a durable metal frame is worth it for you.

Interior Curtain

It's common for sliding glass doors in secluded spaces to have adjustable curtains on the interior in order to promote privacy. These curtains are designed specifically to accommodate sliding glass doors, leading to a closer fit and increased ease of use.

But again, location is key. Interior curtains would be an awkward addition to a public lobby where you need to impress potential customers and clients. In such spaces, the main advantage of sliding glass doors is the feeling of openness they bring.

While sliding glass doors are more expensive than even traditional glass doors, the added value in both aesthetics and convenience you'll get from them is considerable. But as with any project that involves improving real property, caution when you're sorting out the details is always warranted.

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