Water Damage: How Your Washing Machine And Water Heater Can Really Put A Damper On Your Day

12 January 2015
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Water damage and flooding – it's not something that many home owners really think about unless they live in an area prone to weather-related flooding. However, did you know that water damage can be caused by problems inside your home?  Two of the most common causes of water damage in your home are your hot water heater and your washing machine. In this article you can learn how these appliances cause water damage and what you can do to prevent it.

Water Heater Disasters

Your water heater lives tucked away in a corner or closet in some part of your home. Chances are that the only time you think about it is when everyone in the house needs a shower and the hot water is running out, but water heaters are not maintenance free.

Eventually some part of the water heater gives out. It could be the tank itself or the cold or hot water hoses. A massive failure of the heater can cause the entire tank full of water to be expelled, causing flooding. A slow leak can be more destructive in some ways. As water slowly leaks into the flooring or walls, the materials can rot away and often become a breeding ground for mold.

Damage caused by water heaters can cost thousands of dollars, which can be particularly upsetting when basic maintenance can prevent damage. The following steps will help you avoid water heater malfunctions:

  • Regular inspections. It is a good idea to inspect your water heater on a periodic basis. Look for standing water on the top or under the tank. Feel for moisture around each of the hoses.
  • Clean. Along with regular inspections, wipe down your water heater and remove dust. Make sure that there is nothing setting up against the tank or being pushed underneath it.

If you find any moisture, standing water or mold, call a plumber and your insurance company right away. If there is damage to the surrounding materials like flooring and drywall, call a water damage restoration contractor for expert repairs.

Washing Machine Calamities

Washing machines are designed to make your life easier, but finding your laundry room flooding can be enormously upsetting. Most damage from washing machines is caused by faulty hoses, but it can also be caused by over-filling or other mechanical failures.

To prevent water damage from your washing machine, take the following steps:

  • Properly level the machine. A washing machine that is unbalanced can vibrate in such a way that it ends up bouncing and moving around. These vigorous motions can cause hoses to become loose and cracked.
  • Regularly replace hoses. Rubber hoses on your machine should be replaced about every five years to prevent leaks.

Before moving your washing machine or replacing any hoses, make sure to unplug it for your safety. It is also important to turn off the water supply to avoid any cold, wet surprises while working on the machine.

Water damage can cost you a great deal of money and homeowners insurance does not always cover the damages, particularly if you do not properly maintain your appliances. Use the simple steps in this article to prevent the two most likely culprits in your home from drenching everything you own and emptying your bank account. If you already have water damage from appliances or other sources, don't hesitate to contact the experts, like Servpro of Bordentown-Pemberton, to take care of it for you.