What to Do When You Spring a Leak

Archive | January, 2015

How To Breathe New Life Into Broken Pavement

Asphalt pavement is an economical way to cover a parking lot, but it is not the most durable covering. The problem with asphalt is that the surface it creates will be uneven. The little divots between the bits of gravel can hold water. When the water in these divots freezes, it expands and pushes the […]

3 Tips To Help Your Drains Stay Clean

Drains in the bathroom and kitchen can get clogged quickly if you do not take care to clean them often. To keep them clean, follow these 3 simple tips. Vinegar Cleaning Solution for Bathrooms First, you need to clean them with natural products that are not going to erode the metal pipes. Sometimes using harsh […]

Top Reasons To Repair Your Damaged Glass

Is your car’s windshield cracked? Does your glass door have an unsightly chip out of it? Here are some reasons why glass repair might be a better option for you than total replacement: Affordable: Depending on the door or window with the damage, complete replacement could cost several hundred dollars. Although the size of the chip or […]

Turn Your Driveway Into A Hockey Practice Rink

Unless you own your own ice rink or have access to a pond that is always frozen solid, your children’s best bet for a place to hone their hockey skills is your driveway. Here are some of the things you will need in order to turn your driveway into an off-ice practice arena for your […]