Three Tips To Effectively Deal With A Plumbing Emergency In Your Office

19 December 2014
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

It's bad enough when a water backup in your home toilet causes a massive flood. It's even worse when the same flood happens in your office and causes a large amount of working time to be lost. Fortunately, if you follow these three tips when your plumbing emergency happens, you'll be well on your way to quickly and effectively dealing with the situation.

If Necessary, Re-purpose File Cabinets As Buckets

In the heat of the moment, it's easy to not think about something seemingly obvious like using a file cabinet to collect a leak from the ceiling. Hopefully, you have a utility closet with buckets or other containers lying around so that you don't have to resort to so drastic a solution.

File cabinets aren't just useful for collecting water from a leak in the ceiling; in a flood situation, they're invaluable for scooping up water on a hardwood or cement floor before it spreads far enough to reach a carpet.

Keep A Stack Of Towels On Hand

While paper towels are adequate at stopping water from spreading, they're nowhere near as effective as traditional towels. Keeping a small stack of towels in a closet or back room somewhere is a cheap but incredibly effective way to mitigate any sort of damage from a plumbing emergency.

Towels are especially effective in sopping up water emanating from a single spot like a toilet. Even when they're completely soaked, you can simply take them to a sink and squeeze out all of the water that you can.

Make Sure You Know Someone Who Can Access The Water Shut-Off Valve

Even if the building your office is in is so large that you don't have personal access to the water shut-off valve, it's extremely important that you know the person who does. In the event of an emergency, the best way to prevent damage will be to contact someone who can shut off the water as quickly as possible.

You don't want to remain passive on this front until a professional plumbing team (such as those from arrives. Often, all it takes is a little small talk with the building janitor to gain the kind of contact you need.

Even relatively minor plumbing emergencies can be a huge setback in terms of both time and money. Anything you can do to limit both the damage caused and the time it takes to solve the problem will be absolutely invaluable.